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Asian College of Teachers Alumni

Check out what our trainees have to say about the course. Their feedback accounts the aspects they most enjoyed about the course and also the challenges they faced. This can help our future trainees to understand our course better. Happy viewing !
    Student Feedback
  • Sheryl Esguerra
    Sheryl Esguerra
    Certificate in Special Education (Learning Disabilities, ADHD & Autism)
    Post On : 07-03-2018
    Philippines, Dasmarinas City

    Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought with ardor and diligence. I believe that an individual should not stop learning because life continues to give us teaching. This is a very helpful course. It gives me more information and understanding in coping with children with special needs.

    Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
    Post On : 06-03-2018
    OMAN, Muscat

    Much satisfied and happy moment of achieving the diploma in hand, which will definitely help me in getting me deserved job. The Diploma in Montessori course has helped me in learning and acquiring knowledge in the teaching field. This has enhanced me in understanding the properly and deep meaning of child philosophy, language development , sensorial, using appropriate teaching aids for respected curriculum.

  • Benazeer Attar
    Benazeer Attar
    Certificate in Pre & Primary Teaching
    Post On : 06-03-2018
    Pune, India

    It broadened my understanding of early/young learners and effective early education strategies. I am sure it will automatically add more value to my future work as a teacher.

  • soumya sushanth
    Soumya sushanth
    Certificate in Montessori Teachers Training
    Post On : 06-03-2018

    It was a wonderful experience. We should love and respect the children. Give maximum support to achieve their goals.

  • Kanan Jand
    Kanan Jand
    Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
    Post On : 03-03-2018
    Bangalore, India

    "it was a great learning experience. it made me more confident as i feel knowledgeable and have a good understanding of young minds. it has shown me the right kind of approach towards young learners and how i can be an important part of their learning stage. Being a facilitator and mentor we can always guide them towards a better future."

  • Molcy Mathew
    Molcy Mathew
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 03-03-2018

    A good teacher, like a good entertainer, first must hold his audience's attention, then he can teach his lesson. Teaching always improve the knowledge level and update the knowledge level so that we can provide to our students/kids. Its a good experience to study after a long gap of two decades. It is a good experience to study and gain knowledge. I preferred to study now as my qualification was not enough to teach kindergarten children . By doing this course, I learnt the methodology of teaching young children. My patience level increased after completing this course, as through out the course material ., it says how to deal with young children.It is a very useful course. I am working as a coordinator in Navdeep School Kerala.

  • Lillian  D Strong
    Lillian D Strong
    Post Graduate Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 03-03-2018
    Bihar, India

    Course content was absolutely amazing as it was easily understandable. ACT had helped me to pursue my passion of becoming a teacher.. Coordinator was helpful.. Overall a very delightful and learned experience

  • Shilpa Tamhane
    Shilpa Tamhane
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 01-03-2018
    India / Bengaluru

    Good course for both new learners and a refresher course for working teachers, Course is elaborate and covers the topics well, Well paced and assignments are the cherry on the cake. I am working in Kinder Kare Academy in Bengaluru.

  • Vabis Dabdi
    Vabis Dabdi
    Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
    Post On : 01-03-2018
    India, Pune

    Splendid and perfect! This is a wonderful journey with ACT. Will join you again.

  • B. Uma Maheshwari Bai
    B. Uma Maheshwari Bai
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 28-02-2018
    India , Bengaluru

    I found this diploma in pre and primary teaching which I had chosen very interesting. I came to know and able to learn various phases on which I had a little knowledge. But after completion of my particular course I gained lot of information regarding the subject.

  • Shubhada satsang munde
    Shubhada satsang munde
    Diploma in Education
    Post On : 27-02-2018
    India , Maharastra ,jalna

    Very nice every thing was, hope there was degree in bed course available in your institution. The staff was very supportive during the entire course , whenever we call tutor helped me a lot. Its the best staff, because of your interest in institution we are doing very well in our school. It had helped me to educate the children in play way methods. Only we married ladies need education and you have fulfilled my dream sitting at home,I am very happy with the founder ,and staff , thanks to the team.

  • Rupa Murali
    Rupa Murali
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 26-02-2018
    India, Chennai

    It was a good experience as I was a total novice in teaching. I would have learnt more had I taken up a general course. I am a trainer in Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya Sr. Secondary School, Mylapore, Chennai .

  • Sheeba  A,
    Sheeba A,
    Certificate in Special Education (Learning Disabilities, ADHD & Autism)
    Post On : 26-02-2018
    India, Kollam

    I am a teacher and it was a nice experience for me to know more about the needs of special children in classroom. This course helped me to enhance my knowledge level.

  • meenakshi subramaniam
    Meenakshi subramaniam
    Certificate in Special Education (Learning Disabilities, ADHD & Autism)
    Post On : 24-02-2018

    ACT is a great find! ACT has helped! ACT is highly recommended for its support/content. Enjoyed the experience while interacting with the coordinators who were very patient, supportive and guided clearly. I am working in sahasra - a centre for learning, Hyderabad.

  • Arti Sutheesh
    Arti Sutheesh
    Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
    Post On : 24-02-2018
    Dubai , UAE

    It's just the beginning, sky is the limit when it comes to learning any subject. Enjoyed learning through the material supplied. Have started using it practically in the class too. I am working as assistant teacher in The Kindergarten Starters School,GEMS, Dubai , UAE.

    Certificate in Pre & Primary Teaching
    Post On : 23-02-2018
    India Bengaluru

    Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence." I am very happy with my own effort in finishing this course in the stipulated time frame. This is a course that required a lot of research, which helped me to be aware of the ocean of knowledge and information about the techniques of teaching.I shall do my best to use these methods and information to enhance my teaching. I work as a teacher in CLARENCE PUBLIC SCHOOL, Bengaluru.

  • Mary Rosyleena R
    Mary Rosyleena R
    Certificate in Pre & Primary Teaching
    Post On : 23-02-2018
    India, Bangalore

    Good, Learned the basic information and quality requirements for Pre and Primary Teacher. Details on how to do lesson plans, project, communicative language, Early childhood Teaching, Montessori,

  • Vival Jain
    Vival Jain
    Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
    Post On : 22-02-2018
    India and Chennai

    It was good experience . Information was sufficient for me to understand. Teacher practice observation Sheet helped me a lot to know in which part I am good at. I am working as a teacher in Grassroots school, Chennai.

  • Archana Nair
    Archana Nair
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 22-02-2018
    India Palakkad

    It has been a wonderful experience learning with ACT. It has enhanced my knowledge in the teaching industry and also helped me understand children better. I have started applying the techniques for my own kids.

  • Jyoti Khan
    Jyoti Khan
    Certificate in Special Education (Learning Disabilities, ADHD & Autism)
    Post On : 21-02-2018
    United Arab Emirates, Dubai

    I am fifty years old, mom of three kids. Since two of my kids left home to study at the University, I thought of upgrading my knowledge and skills, and working. One is as old as one thinks, and there is no age for learning. With the advancement in technology education is easily accessible to all. It has been a fruitful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed learning, and applying the knowledge. This is the first time I did any online course. I found it very time saving, working at my own time and pace. I loved the flexibility this online course provided. Of course there were times where I missed asking direct questions for clarity on certain points and the benefits of classroom discussions. But one can't have it all. My best and sincere wishes to the entire team of ACT.

  • Sharmeen Khan
    Sharmeen Khan
    Post Graduate Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 19-02-2018
    United Arab Emirates,Dubai.

    Being a Science student I had little knowledge on the teaching approaches used at present.I was not aware of the basic techniques and skills one needs to have to be a teacher.By doing this course, I got a framework on how to get started with teaching.I would love to put my knowledge and skills and start my career in teaching which will be a new experience for me altogether.Though it will be challenging in the start but with the right approach and knowledge put to use teaching is a great experience to excel both personally and professionally.

    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 19-02-2018
    China, Shanghai

    This course has been very educational. I am looking forward to continue studying and further improve my my skills as an educator in order to become the best teacher/mentor I can be.

  • Neelufer Banu
    Neelufer Banu
    Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
    Post On : 18-02-2018
    India Bangaloru

    It was very easy to follow the course and material was very good to understand, coordinators are very helpful and cleared all my doubts, planning to do some more ACT courses via online, this was my first time online course I really loved it.

  • Budhaditya Biswas
    Budhaditya Biswas
    Certificate in Pre & Primary Teaching
    Post On : 17-02-2018
    India, Kolkata

    The course " Certificate in Pre & Primary Teacher Training" enhanced my knowledge and view point towards the Early Childhood Education. Throughout this course I have learned that there are several approaches in imparting of proper education to young learners in a way such that they enjoy learning. Moreover, the modules on Classroom management and Lesson Planning also have given me very helpful ideas about the qualities that need to be inculcated for being a successful teacher.

  • Ermintina Hilda Lewis
    Ermintina Hilda Lewis
    Certificate in Teaching English Phonetics
    Post On : 17-02-2018
    India Ernakulam

    This course was very useful to me. I could understand more about phonetics and could correct my mistake. I am working as a teacher in Assisi Vidyaniketan Public school. Chembumukku, Kakkanad, Kerala .

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