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Asian College of Teachers Alumni

Check out what our trainees have to say about the course. Their feedback accounts the aspects they most enjoyed about the course and also the challenges they faced. This can help our future trainees to understand our course better. Happy viewing !
    Student Feedback
  • Smitha Manoj
    Smitha Manoj
    Post Graduate Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 23-06-2017
    UAE, Dubai

    I am happy and satisfied with the kind of help and feedback I got from my coordinator. I am very confident now and can take up my teaching to the next level. The sample Lesson plans helped a lot. The assignments helped me to work more on my skills and gain extra knowledge. I am working as a teacher in Amled School, Al Quoz, Dubai, UAE.

  • Harini Rajesh
    Harini Rajesh
    Certificate in Special Education (Learning Disabilities, ADHD & Autism)
    Post On : 23-06-2017
    India, Bangalore

    "learning in crisp and clear manner. Enhanced information". I liked the course very much. A must learn course for all the future special educator.. I am working in National Centre for excellence, Bangalore.

  • Pulak Somani
    Pulak Somani
    Certificate in Teaching English Phonetics
    Post On : 23-06-2017
    Indore, India

    It was good introduction to the subject of phonetics, but it can be enhanced more. I think the course work was very difficult and hence not easy to understand for a beginner. It can be simplified and more videos of classroom teaching can be added. Thank you for your help and support.

    Post Graduate Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 22-06-2017

    My learning with Asian College of Teacher Training was a quite nice experience. It helped me to learn and understand many new methods and techniques in teaching which I was not aware of before. It has also helped me to become more innovative and creative in my teaching. My students really love the new activities I involve them in. They also love their new learning methods as it is very interactive and lively. Overall, it is a really nice experience. I am working in Al Manar Private School, Bahrain.

  • Thasni
    Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
    Post On : 21-06-2017

    Over all it was a good experience. My Coordinator Ankita mam was giving me full support and information accurately. I was able to gather more information about children. I would like to get to know more information as I love children.

    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 21-06-2017
    india , kerala,Kadampuzha

    Its my first course in teaching and I found it very useful. This course gave insight in different aspects of teaching and hence gave clarity of thinking and so could use the knowledge in taking daily class. I am working in Peace Public School, Kotakkal.

  • Spoorthy P D
    Spoorthy P D
    Certificate in Educational Administration and Management
    Post On : 19-06-2017
    India and Bangalore

    It's good but need some more than it is and we need more of assignment case studies. What I felt is after giving the material we need step by step assignment which is helpful for us to became the good administration

  • utpala konni
    Utpala konni
    Certificate in Montessori Teachers Training
    Post On : 19-06-2017

    This course is very useful. After this I am very confident and while doing the assignments I learnt so many things familiar to children.

    Certificate in Teaching English Phonetics
    Post On : 15-06-2017

    I got to know about Asian College of Teachers through net, while I was searching for a phonetics course. At the beginning I was a bit afraid regarding the completion of the course and the term end assignments but gradually with the help of the support team I had been able to successfully complete the given assignments within the stipulated time period. And hence after completing the course I have been successfully able to enhance the depth of my knowledge in phonetics and phonology which I'll be able to apply in my teaching career. I am working as a trainer in ENGINEERS CAD CENTER and CMS IT TRAINING INSTITUTE.

    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 14-06-2017

    I feel very good. As I have been enhanced by new methods, skills and teaching process, through this course. I am confident now in joining any of the teaching institutes to teach children in an innovative way.

  • Rupa Chakraborty
    Rupa Chakraborty
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 14-06-2017
    india, Kolkata

    It was a very interesting, useful,relevant to my career and worthy course which will definitely help me to step ahead in my life. I am working in Sree Mayapur International School, Nadia.

  • Mariya Ali hussain katka
    Mariya Ali hussain katka
    Certificate Course in Pre School Administration & Management
    Post On : 14-06-2017

    i had a great time doing this course and specially the thrill of completing the MCQ within the stipulated time and the excitement of searching for information for the assignment . Always tried to put up the best work and most of the time i did and maintained the grades between A and A+ . It was great fun and valuable experience . Definitely will be cherished all my life and help me put up a great carrier ahead.

  • Thamari Francesco
    Thamari Francesco
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 13-06-2017
    Saudi Arabia Al Khobar

    I recomment some students to register with ACT because the course coodinators were good ,and they answer to your queries on time.

  • Hiba.K.M
    Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
    Post On : 13-06-2017
    India and Guruvayoor

    My total 8 months was really a successful one. Each phase made me to move very eagerly to the other phase. Am thanking my coordinator for helping me in my doubtful situations. It's my luck to be a student or to be a part of ACT.

  • Shalini Nair
    Shalini Nair
    Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
    Post On : 13-06-2017

    I had always wanted to be with children and teach them. Since I was more attached to small children, I realised that helping them to step into the world of alphabets and numbers is more fruitful than any other profession. However I realised that to teach them, I required specialised training. Thats when I chose this institute after months of research. Now am thinking of doing additional courses also which will be beneficial to my dream profession.

  • Jigisha Parmar
    Jigisha Parmar
    Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
    Post On : 13-06-2017
    India , Bhavnagar

    As a mother of two kids it was quite difficult for me to go out for any classes on regular base. But by online and help with your supporting team I finished my course which is necessary for working as a nursery teacher in Dubai. I am very happy. Through Diploma in Montessori teacher training course I feel like more confident, increased my knowledge as a Montessori teacher. Even i got detailed information about different activities and how it should be presented. Knew more about child psychology, their learning techniques, the way of learning etc. Through this course I can also improve my teaching method. Got in depth knowledge about Montessori teaching techniques. Once again thank you so much for your help and support and your guidance.

  • Minu Jha
    Minu Jha
    Diploma in Nursery Teachers Training
    Post On : 13-06-2017
    India New Delhi

    I had a fantastic learning experience. It will help me in my future career goal to teach small children.

  • Roopa N Bhat
    Roopa N Bhat
    Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
    Post On : 10-06-2017

    I was well experienced as much contact was not there but I felt happy and consoled with the teaching practices.

  • Zuzana Samtani
    Zuzana Samtani
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 09-06-2017
    China, Guangzhou City

    This is a good quality course, covering varied topics relating to pre- and primary teaching, delivered in a flexible way. I am working in Gold Arch International Preschool, Guangzhou, P.R. China.

    Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
    Post On : 09-06-2017
    Bangalore, INDIA

    My total 8 month journey in the training of Diploma in ECCE was very nice. I heartily thankful to all the ACT members who helped me to complete my training within the time period.

    Diploma in Educational Administration and Management
    Post On : 08-06-2017
    Saudi Arabia

    At the beginning of the course I found it difficult but later on as the content progressed I realised the importance of all the details covered. I am a teacher of Hala International school.

  • Priyanka Raj
    Priyanka Raj
    Post Graduate Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 07-06-2017
    India, kollam

    I had a good experience through out the entire course. I could study myself. I could able to research and attend the assignments accurately. Thus I achieved 'A' grade in all assignments. It increased my confident level.Teaching practice also helps me how to conduct a class confidently. It was a good experience for my future carrier.

  • Karishma Nankani
    Karishma Nankani
    Master in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 06-06-2017
    United Arab Emirates , Dubai

    The course content is great but should just be a lot more interactive. I feel like the assignments were brilliant . I am working in Cocoon nursery , Dubai .

  • Yunmila Makan
    Yunmila Makan
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 06-06-2017

    I have really enjoyed this course and it has taught me a lot, I have been able to put theory into practice. It is very flexible and the content is relevant. I am a teacher at Maria Montessori Senior Secondary School in Imphal, Manipur.

    Certificate in Teaching English Grammar
    Post On : 06-06-2017
    korukonda, India

    it was a nice experience and I really secured some knowledge from this course and the tests also helped me to search some deep knowledge about subject.

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