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Masters in TEFL delves deeper into EFL teaching techniques


To remain competitive in our globalized world, many children, young adults and professionals who are non-native English speakers seek to learn and master the English language. And hence the global ESL market is spreading in leaps and bounds. If you want to make a mark in the global EFL teaching market, an advanced course in TEFL is absolutely necessary. You can broaden your horizon by learning newer methodologies and techniques of teaching.

The three primary goals for this advanced TEFL program:

-develop effective and efficient, professionally trained EFL/ESL Teachers

-develop teachers who are reflective and inquiry-based practitioners. They must inquire into the nature of language, teaching and learning.

-develop teachers who have the skill to manage the most complex linguistic, cultural and identity issues in comparison to second language learning. In the due course educators actively improve their own professional competence.

Hence the teaching techniques like detail study on  grammar and phonology, language skills, classroom and disaster management, lesson planning and need based language teaching, teaching adults and young learners etc are the most effective ways to empower yourself as a EFL teacher and come up as a confident individual. Even the materials provided during the training session are useful when it comes to implementation at work. Every aspect of the content is absolutely important and is not lecture oriented, but are rather fun filled activities involving all the trainee teachers. The teaching practice sessions are something looked up, as this gives practical exposure to candidates in some of the renowned schools.

Masters in TEFL meets the growing demand for skilled and competent EFL teachers around the world. Wide range of teaching methods and varied instruction strategies are incorporated to train adequately both trained and aspiring EFL teachers. With this certification your dream of travelling abroad and settling with a good salary package will be fulfilled.

If you enroll in MA in TEFL program, you will get complete guidance from the experienced tutors of the respective institutions who are always there to help you with valuable input and guide you through the difficulties that you are facing. Thus help in achieving all your learning goals. Since Masters Course will offer you flexible learning, you will get the opportunity to learn at your pace and clear all your doubts whenever necessary.

The eligibility for this program is graduation. Applicants must have English medium background. The competencies are thoroughly tested before admission. Now-a-days disabled applicants are encouraged to apply and are ensured equal opportunities.

After pursuing Masters in TEFL once can join an educational organisation as ESL Teacher and soon can move up to the post of principal or director after years of teaching experience. Once can also opt for a career in counselling and coordination and can even start one’s business by opening a school. As this course is in high demand, special care is given on designing the classroom of diversified students. The online program is equally valuable considering the need of the students who are already working. 

There are teaching opportunities in almost every country imaginable, and those with a recognized TEFL degree, specifically those with an advanced degree, are highly sought after. Openings are available in private language institutes, public schools, universities and business corporations, as well as private tutoring and voluntary work worldwide. Come, be a part of the TEFL journey. Make sure to enrol in a globally recognized institution who are ready to guide you always, making each step a memorable journey for you.

By : Ipsita Roy


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